A Money Makeover

While it isn’t the most common reason for someone to fall into financial insolvency and Texas bankruptcy simply due to overspending, the truth is we could all use a little help becoming better money managers. Whether you are making minimum wage or the CEO of a major company, here are a few things you should […]

Important Terms In Bankruptcy: Part 1

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in Houston, there are a few terms you should know to better prepare yourself for the process. Automatic stay — is a legal order that, once issued, prohibits creditors from making collection attempts on your accounts. In other words, once you file for bankruptcy all eligible debt accounts […]

Debt Collection Scam Warning

As technology advances so do the skills of con artists. In a time when more and more people are turning for help with their debts, criminals are using the opportunity to prey on unsuspecting victims. A report was released this week detailing a new form of debt collection scam, urging consumers to get educated and […]

Common Questions About Bankruptcy: Part 2

As one of only a few Bryan/College Station bankruptcy attorneys, people are always comforted to be able to ask experts about the bankruptcy process. In fact, the more you know about the bankruptcy process the better prepared you are for the road to financial freedom it can provide. Here are some additional questions about bankruptcy: […]

Chapter 7 Filing Fees

If you are seeking Chapter 7 Texas bankruptcy chances are you are suffering with a financial hardship. Many people assume that they can’t afford the bankruptcy process or a Texas bankruptcy lawyer, but it is more likely you can’t afford not to file. Besides, the costs aren’t what you would expect. Service Fees When you […]

Common Questions About Bankruptcy: Part 1

The bankruptcy process is often assumed to be a difficult path to financial freedom due to its highly specific nature and attention to detail. In reality, the bankruptcy process isn’t all that confusing and certainly easier than some other forms of debt relief. As a leading Houston bankruptcy attorney these are some of the most […]

Stop Creditors With An Automatic Stay

Putting a stop to the harassing phone calls, threatening letters and taunts of credit damage is something every debtor in over the heads needs. That is why one of the biggest perks reported by consumers filing for Houston bankruptcy is the protection from creditors through the automatic stay. Stop Suffering The automatic stay is a […]

Taxes and Texas Bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for Texas bankruptcy there are a few things you should know about how it could affect or interact with your taxes. For most people, there won’t be any complications with their taxes, but it is important to understand the three main tax issues in bankruptcy. Tax Returns In order to […]

Chapter 7 Means Test

When you file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy your eligibility will be determined by the Means Test. This test is to ensure that only the financially insolvent qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy by reviewing the financial background of the debtor against a standard measure. The test criteria varies by state so it’s important to […]

Considerations For Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process is meant to be a tool of debt relief help for consumers suffering financial hardship. While much of the bankruptcy process is outlined by the court, there are still some things that require the attention of the debtor before, during and after a case. Here are a few considerations before you file […]