Business Bankruptcy

business bankruptcy

There are two types of business bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 and  Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A business Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy resolves debts  of businesses that will be no longer in operation. A Chapter 11 business bankruptcy is a reorganization bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy resolves debts of businesses continuing operations by developing a payment plan.

Business Bankruptcy

The most important aspect of Chapter 11 bankruptcy is that it allows a business to continue to operate. A business can keep earning money and repay its debts over time. Debt collections will stop as long as the payment plan is in effect.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy offers many advantages to a business. It saves job by keeping the business open. It also protects many of the business’s assets. Under Chapter 11, the business can continue to operate until it regains financial stability. If your business is evaluating Houston debt relief options, Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be a good alternative to consider.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy For Businesses

Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be the most difficult type of bankruptcy. It requires the help of an experienced Houston bankruptcy attorney. A person can represent themselves in a case, but a business bankruptcy requires a legal entity in court. An experienced attorney can be the difference in successfully repaying debt or having the business fail. You will need advice on the topics of creditors, filing documents, repossession or foreclosure, and the repayment plan. Contact a board certified Houston bankruptcy lawyer for more information on Chapter 11.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy For Individuals

There are debt limitations for people seeking Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Anyone who does not qualify for a Chapter 13 may be able to resolve debts in Chapter 11. Chapter 11 gives individuals an opportunity to reorganize their debts and get them back on track financially.

Chapter 11 will allow the restructure of can be much higher for a Chapter 11 case. Chapter 11 is a bankruptcy where all creditors are allowed to participate by voting on a plan of reorganization.

If your debts exceeds the debt limits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will need to discuss Chapter 11 bankruptcy with an experienced Houston bankruptcy attorney like Reese W. Baker. Chapter 11 bankruptcy will offer you the protection you need, but you will need solid legal support during the Chapter 11 process.

How Can A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Help?

Similar to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows businesses to restructure their debts. The business keeps control over the business operations and assets. Businesses in a Texas Chapter 11 bankruptcy will be able to halt collection activities and develop an affordable repayment plan.

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can readjust your debts and protect your company’s assets. Many businesses have been able to stay in business while resolving debt liabilities, why not yours? You don’t have to let tough times end your business venture. A Chapter 11 business bankruptcy could be the answer you are looking for. Since each business has a unique financial profile, no two Chapter 11 filings are the same. Your Chapter 11 plan will be based on your company’s debt accounts and cash flow. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can halt interest or penalty fees, get you back in the good graces of your vendors and keep the doors open.

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