House Foreclosure

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Hello. My name is Reese baker. Your house is a very important asset. In fact, it’s probably the most important asset and the most valuable asset that you own. If you’ve gotten behind on your house payments or your house is being posted for foreclosure, the bankruptcy process can work very well to stop your house foreclosure. There are also many other issues that get involved with homes. You may have your taxes and insurance escrowed. The escrow payments may have been confused by your mortgage company. Your payments may have been doubled, in some cases tripled by the mortgage company. All of these issues can be addressed and dealt with in a Chapter 13 case. A chapter 13 case can help restructure your payments. You may also be able to deal with loans where you have a first and second lien on your house and restructure the second lien depending on the value of the house.

If in fact you don’t want to file a bankruptcy case, we also deal with home foreclosures in state court in attempting to stop the foreclosures in state court. The Chapter 13 process is a very good process to help restructure your house. We do urge you to be very careful with companies that are offering to restructure your homes. We see many people that come in at the last minute who have been told that their loans were going to get modified and don’t get modified. We ask you to consider calling us to talk about your house foreclosure or house loan issue, even if you’re not posted for foreclosure, There are many things that can be accomplished either through a Bankruptcy process or even through a state court process. We urge you to call us now to talk about this before it is too late.