Biblical History of Bankruptcy

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Hello. My name is Reese Baker. Bankruptcy has a very interesting history. The bankruptcy laws allow people and companies to start over again. When Russia converted from communism to capitalism, the first laws that were passed were bankruptcy laws. Why? Because Russia even understood that people and companies needed an opportunity to start over again.

The bankruptcy laws in the United States are unique from most other counties in the world. In fact our bankruptcy laws originate back from the Old Testament, in Deuteronomy chapter 15. The original structure and laws that were passed back in the 1890’s come from biblical principles. In fact, and most people do not realize this, the church was instrumental in getting the bankruptcy laws in place over a hundred years ago.

Bankruptcy is not immoral, it’s not un-biblical, and in fact it is a biblical, moral process used as a last result to allow people to get a fresh start. I am an elder in a church, I sit on the board of directors of a Christian radio station, I am very actively involved in reaching out and trying to help people and that is one of the reasons that I am involved in the bankruptcy process. We are here to try and help you get a new start and a new beginning; Bankruptcy allows that to happen. We urge you to contact us to talk to us about bankruptcy and what it can do for you. Thank you very much