Financial Recovery

Financial struggles affect the entire family – Including the extended family. We want to be able to assist you with getting your family back together and not struggling with financial debts. We have developed four steps to complete financial recovery.

Discharge debts

a. We will help you discharge your debts in a bankruptcy case or in other ways to Improve our credit score up to 720 or higher.

 Improve your credit score up to 720 or higher

b. Bankruptcy does not meanthat your credit scorewill stay low for 7 to 10 years. To the contrary, we cna help you get your credit score up to 7 or during a chapter 13 bankruptcy. It really works!!

Setup financial planning goals and objective

c. We have online resourses that you can use to develop financial plans and goals. We also have financial planners that can assist you.

Assesing Spiritual growth

d. Financial struggles can take a serious toll on a family or an individual. We have resources that can help you get your entire life back.