Texas Chapter 11

Are you a business owner that is experiencing difficulty paying creditors and keeping up with profitability? Unfortunately, touch economic times has lead many businesses both big and small into tough times. A Chapter 11 Houston bankruptcy can help business owners get out of debt, protect the business operations, and resolve debts to return to a state of profitability.

How Can A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Help?

Similar to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a Chapter  11 bankruptcy allows businesses to restructure their debts while maintaining custody and control over the business operations and assets. Unlike a business liquidation bankruptcy, businesses in a Texas Chapter 11 bankruptcy will be able to halt collection activities and develop a repayment plan that fits the financial profile of the company.

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can readjust your debts and protect your company’s assets. Many businesses have been able to stay in business while resolving debt liabilities, why not yours? You don’t have to let tough times end your business venture. A Chapter 11 business bankruptcy could be the answer you are looking for. Since each business has a unique financial profile, no two Chapter 11 filings are the same. Your Chapter 11 plan will be based on your company’s debt accounts and cash flow. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can halt interest or penalty fees, get you back in the good graces of your vendors and keep the doors open.

Contact Our Texas Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Baker & Associates is a team of bankruptcy attorneys experienced in both consumer and business bankruptcy. Having successfully managed hundreds of business bankruptcy cases, we can help you successfully navigate the Chapter 11 process.  Operator and founder of Baker & Associates, Reese Baker, is experienced in getting both consumers and businesses back on their feet.