Texas Credit Repair

If you have suffered financial hardship, missed payments, or delinquent accounts you probably know all too well the devastating effects it can take on your credit report. If you are starting over or recently been given a fresh start through bankruptcy you are in a unique position to rewrite your credit score and change your financial future.

We know that good things can happen to honest, hard working people; which is why we are committed to helping people get back on their feet. Our team of attorneys can help resolve your debts, repair your credit, protect your assets, and resolve delinquent accounts. Want a 720 credit score? You can get one! Why suffer another day with bad credit, when you can let one of our experienced attorneys erase high debt balances and wipe your credit slate clean?

Credit Recovery

The only thing worse than carrying around unbearable debts is bad credit. High balances, delinquent account statuses and poor payment history can all take a major toll on your credit score. Having a low credit score can negatively impact both your financial and personal life. You may be denied future credit or loans, or even rejected for a rental agreement. Part of our mission at Baker & Associates is to provide you with a path to financial freedom, and that includes credit recovery.

Finding the right Texas credit repair solution isn’t always easy. There are hundreds of companies out there promising to boost your credit score, but they aren’t all the same. In fact, there are numerous companies operating just to take your money for bogus credit repair services. When you work with Baker & Associates you will have the confidence in the fact we are a law firm that only operate at the highest standards of ethics. Our law team is devoted to offering the highest quality legal services for clients in need of credit repair, debt relief, and financial services.

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At Baker & Associates we only staff the most experienced and compassionate attorneys. We are proud to employ board certified attorneys that are experts in all aspects of credit repair, debt relief, foreclosure defense and financial services. We also offer a 720 Credit Score Program for our clients to get them quickly on the path to credit recovery.