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When you decide you need to file bankruptcy; you may consider saving money by filing your paperwork on your own. You can usually find a packet of forms over the internet to print off for filing bankruptcy. Legally you can also represent yourself in court and not pay a bankruptcy lawyer. The question is, should you?

Being Your Own Attorney

Representing yourself takes a lot of time researching the bankruptcy laws. Sometimes you even miss work by running around trying to get the information for your bankruptcy case. The potential of legal mistakes you are likely to make could put you at risk of losing your home or other assets needlessly. There are deadlines for filing certain forms and schedules and meeting all the requirements in a bankruptcy case. If you miss a court date your bankruptcy could be dismissed.

Are You Really Saving Money?

Paying an experienced bankruptcy lawyer will give you the peace of mind knowing all the legal issues will be taken care of correctly and on time. Your bankruptcy lawyer understands the local laws that you will need during your case. Saving pennies by doing it yourself could possibly risk you losing your home, or not receiving all the debt relief you could have.

If you are considering bankruptcy contact a Hidalgo County bankruptcy attorney to discuss what options you can take to get a financial fresh start.