Can I Reopen a Bankruptcy Case?

: Reese Baker & Associates

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bankruptcyYour bankruptcy case will eventually come to a close. This means the bankruptcy court will close your case. This will happen if you have completed all of your bankruptcy responsibilities and you have received a bankruptcy discharge. Or it may happen that your file is closed because it was dismissed because you did not meet the obligations of the chapter of bankruptcy that you were filing for.

It is not uncommon for many individuals to attempt to look after their own bankruptcy. It can be complex and confusing, and as a result of this, mistakes are made that can lead to the bankruptcy file being closed without a discharge.

If this is the case then an individual in this situation should speak with a Houston bankruptcy lawyer to see if there is a chance of getting the file opened again. One of the mistakes that many individual make is not filing their credit counselling certificate. This is the certificate that is given to those who complete the mandatory credit counselling that the bankruptcy courts insist on. Another possible mistake is not listing all of your assets. Or you may have forgotten about listing a creditor. There are many different types of mistakes that can be made, and this is one of the reasons why it is so important to rely on legal counsel. This expert can assist you with attempting to open your closed bankruptcy file, if this is a situation you are in.