Chapter 13 Bankruptcy & Your Future

: Reese Baker & Associates

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futureIf you are thinking about filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and you are eligible for this type of resolution you really need to understand how it is going to affect your present financial situation but also in the future. It can be overwhelming when going through a bankruptcy process, but if you use an experience bankruptcy lawyer this expert will explain and assist you in all of the proceedings, requirements and the expected outcome to you, as well as its possible future impact on your financial situation.

Making A Clean Break

The benefits of this type of bankruptcy usually mean that you will be able to keep all of your assets and provides for a plan to help you catch up on your outstanding debt. It allows you some financial freedom to move forward and have your financial situation under control. There are some down sides to this type of bankruptcy which can affect your future. It can affect your credit rating. Also, if you needed to apply for credit and take out a loan you would have to go back to the Court to obtain permission.

Your financially decisions are not totally left in your hands until your Chapter 13 bankruptcy has been totally completed. Once this takes place it is usually easier to obtain credit. A Houston bankruptcy will appear on your credit report and can remain there for ten years, but is usually removed after seven years. Going forward you want to remain diligent in regards to not getting into a tough financial situation like the one that may have led you into bankruptcy in the first place.