What Debts Are Handled In A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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debtOnce you retain the services of a Houston bankruptcy attorney he will go over your financial situation with you in detail. He will be able to explain to you how your specific debts will probably be categorized in your chapter 13 bankruptcy. Usually the debts are put into various classifications. These are comprised of secured debts, unsecured but priority debts and then the general unsecured debts.

Debt Differences

The most important debts are those that hold collateral. If these are not dealt with then the creditors can take action to seize the collateral, and this is likely what you are trying to avoid. These debts usually end up having to be paid in full and that includes the interest. In some cases there are provisions made to pay the debt down but not for the full amount. Some debts are not cleared during the course of your bankruptcy. These are ongoing debts like your mortgage for example.

Another important debt that may make up part of your chapter 13 bankruptcy is unsecured priority debts. These too usually have to be paid in full. These include debts like your tax debts or past due child support and spousal payment. There are other debts as well that will be perceived as being priority debts.

While it may seem that you will be no further ahead financially because you still have to pay your debts you will be under far less pressure. The payment plan will be as such that you should have no difficulty making your payments as ordered.