Bankruptcy and Credit

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At one time or another, nearly everyone in the United States has had some type of financial difficulties at one point in their lives. It is nothing to be ashamed of if you get to the point that you need to file bankruptcy.

Getting New Credit

At the end of your bankruptcy, you may want to obtain credit or a loan. Be upfront with the creditors and let them know you have taken steps to get financially secure and have a stable income. Most lenders understand people fall on hard times.

Try to avoid obtaining new credit cards if you can. Paying cash for what you can afford is a good practice to keep you out of debt. It will make you analyze if you really need the new item if you are paying for it with cash from your savings.

Avoid New Debt

The best way to rebuild your credit by making payments on time and avoiding new debt. Having a secure source of income will go a long way in helping you get more credit. If you do obtain another credit card, try to only use it for items that will appreciate in time. Paying interest on dining out and movies is like throwing money away.

Don’t succumb to the offers of easy credit. Wait until you are financially more secure and then shop around to get the best rates.

If you have more questions about bankruptcy, contact a Rio Grande bankruptcy attorney to find out how you can get a fresh financial start.