Credit Repair after Bankruptcy

: Reese Baker & Associates

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repairIt is not uncommon for a lot of people to believe that once they have gone bankrupt that their credit rating is ruined for a very long time. It can actually work in the reverse, as in most cases after filing for bankruptcy individuals find that their credit scores are raised. This is because they no longer have bad debts showing on their credit reports.

Many people after bankruptcy are approached by credit repair companies to assist them in improving their credit rating. This is really something that is not necessary as it is up to the individual that has gone bankrupt to work on their credit score going forward into the future.

What these credit repair companies will do is want to review your credit report for information that is incorrect. That doesn’t mean that should they find them that they are going to remove them for you. They will dispute the inconsistencies. What they will do is pass over this information to the credit reporting agencies to make the corrections.

This will work for the first time around but it has to be remembered that creditors send information into the credit agencies every few months, so mistakes could be once again made. The best approach to take is to monitor your credit report yourself to see what discrepancies there may be. If you are having difficulty with creditors as a result of your bankruptcy you can speak to a bankruptcy attorney in Houston about this.