What Can My Creditors Do to Me?

: Reese Baker & Associates

  Filed under: Debt

creditorsCreditors can be pretty ruthless when it comes to collecting the money that is owed to them. Although they have regulations that they must follow in order to collect, they don’t always stick to the rules. One thing for sure is most of them are insistent on collecting what is owed to them, and they are not about to let up contacting you until they get what is outstanding.

Relentless Pressure

Often along with the incessant phone calls and never ceasing collection notices that come with threats of legal actions. No doubt you are not quite sure how valid these threats are, and it puts you on edge constantly. Are you going to discover when you go to collect your next pay check that it has been garnisheed? Or are you going to go out to go to your vehicle and it has been repossessed?

It is thoughts like these that lead people to seriously think about going bankrupt whether they are factual or not. In most cases any unsecured debts will require a court judgement to take it to the next collection level that may include garnishment or seizing any property, although there are some exemptions to this. You would have to own something substantial that is not considered exempt for your creditor to go to the trouble of obtaining a judgement. Rather than play a guessing game and continuing under the financial pressure you are now under, talk to a Texas bankruptcy attorney to see what your options are, and if one of the bankruptcy chapters would be applicable to your situation.