Credit Card Travel Disasters

: Reese Baker & Associates

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It isn’t always easy to take precautions on the go to avoid our trip from ending up a disaster.  Unexpected occurences on a vacation cannot really be ruled out. Accidents, sickness and thefts are only a few of the many things that could possibly go wrong on a vacation. However, it is highly recommend, that you carry your credit card (instead of debit card) while traveling in order to deal with any unforeseen disaster.

credit card travel disasters

  • In case you fall ill while traveling, having a credit card with you will only speed up your treatment process. What if you do not have a travel insurance plan to cover for your treatment expenses on the go? Your credit card will take care of it and you can later get the funds reimbursed from your insurance company.
  • If your wallet being lost or stolen, your replacement credit cards can be issued immediately. Once you notify your bank about the theft, they will immediately send you a replacement credit card. This will ensure that you have the necessary financial aid to complete the rest of your journey comfortably.
  • Using your credit card is often a better and more budget friendly alternative to exchanging your currency or travelers cheques from the foreign exchange companies. While some credit cards do levy a minimal foreign transaction fee for every transaction made in a different currency, it actually adds up to a lesser amount as compared to the conversion rate that you might have to otherwise deal with.
  • When traveling abroad, there are chances that you might not be familiar with your destination country’s currency. Add to that, God forbid you to meet a dishonest salesman and you might end up paying more than your actual bill amount is worth. Most major credit card companies nowadays offer a purchase protection feature. This protects you from getting duped in a foreign land.

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