Debt Relief Scams

: Reese Baker & Associates

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debt relief scamEach year criminals find new and tech savvy ways to scam innocent people out of money. While the Federal Trade Commission works tirelessly to catch and prosecute these criminals, they are also urging consumers to get educated about how to spot a scam and avoid becoming a victim.

Spotting A Scam

From social security disability benefit claims, to debt relief and foreclosure defense services scammers spare no industry when looking for easy targets. Here are some tell-tale signs that you could be working with a scam artist and not a legitimate debt relief company:

1. Asks for payment upfront — one of the quickest ways to identify a non-reputable debt relief company is their request for upfront payment. Payment should never made for services not rendered, or at least not without a solid money back guarantee in writing. Instead, look for a company that doesn’t require payment until they have successfully resolved your debts.

2. Pushy sales tactics — the mark of a quality product or service is one that sells itself. Pushy or intimidating sales tactics are likely the mark of a desperate provider looking for a guaranteed sale. Instead, look for an accredited company that offers advice on all your debt relief options and takes the time to make sure you are comfortable.

3. Makes guarantees of their services — anyone that claims they can guarantee debt resolution is likely lying. There are no guarantees when working with a third party company. Instead, only take a guarantee from your creditor directly because they are the account holder.

4. Can’t verify their credentials — debt relief companies are a dime a dozen, and are often staffed by inexperienced staff or blatant crooks. If a company cannot verify the education and training of an employee, you are likely dealing with the wrong company. Instead, choose an accredited company or even a lawyer. The best professional for managing your debt relief services is a Houston bankruptcy lawyer. Only a lawyer can offer you the expertise and ethical services you deserve.