A Look at Some Big Personal Bankruptcy Cases

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bankruptcy, lawyer, lawyers, attorney, attorneys, houston, bryan, college station, texas, tx, texas bankruptcy lawyer,Most often individuals that are headed into personal bankruptcy feel very isolated and alone. They experience a whole gambit of emotions and one of these is a great deal of embarrassment over the financial situation that they are in. Sometimes it’s worth taking a look at others that have been in this situation who aren’t exactly the smallest of wage earners. You may have noticed in the news recently that there have been some major personal bankruptcy cases that involve a great deal of money:

A good example of this is the rapper 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, who went through a bankruptcy and actually had a $7 million judgment against him.

Another example is Sean Quinn who was an Irish tycoon and was worth over $6 billion who ended up going into bankruptcy.

Yet another example is Clint Murchison Jr. who was a very prominent Texas businessman and was a founder of a most promising sports franchise, the Dallas Cowboys. He ended up going into a bankruptcy because of some bad deals.

These are just a few examples of the many different walks of life of individuals who have enjoyed great financial success but as a result of circumstances ended up in bankruptcy. While someone else’s problems don’t make yours any better, knowing that it isn’t just the small individual worker that runs into financial difficulties does help.

Bankruptcy can be a very reliable resource for debt relief and can help with dealing with some of the emotions one goes through when contemplating a bankruptcy action. Rather than dwell on the situation that you are in, your best option is to seek out a qualified, Texas bankruptcy attorney to assist you in getting bankruptcy relief so you can have a new financial start.