Bankruptcy Petition Preparers

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Anyone can be a bankruptcy paperwork preparer, there is no experience or training required. Having a criminal background also does not stop you from being a bankruptcy petition preparer (BPP).


To regulate the BPP the U.S. Trustees office will review all bankruptcy petitions prepared by a BPP. The preparer must include their name, address, phone number and social security number on the petition. Also at the meeting of the creditors, the bankruptcy trustee can ask the BPP about their business. If you were given incorrect information from the person that prepared your bankruptcy paperwork they will be brought before a judge and asked to explain why they violated the rules and gave you legal advice.

BPP’s can be fined for:

  • Using the word “legal” in advertising
  • Failing to put their name, address and social security number on your petition.
  • Failing to give you a copy of your documents to sign
  • Accepting court filing fees from you instead of you paying the court directly
  • Charging more than they are permitted to

Bankruptcy petition preparers are not lawyers and can not give you legal advice. They will not have the experience to know how the laws work and they will not be standing by you during the bankruptcy process.

If you have more questions on how to fill out your bankruptcy paperwork, contact an experienced Hidalgo County bankruptcy lawyer.