Can I Change My Bankruptcy Information After Filing?

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Filing for bankruptcy requires numerous forms to be filled out which contain potential mountains of meticulous information. Individuals who consult their Texas bankruptcy attorney are worried about making mistakes or accidentally omitting important information. Likewise, people often ask our bankruptcy law firm if they can change bankruptcy information that has already been filed with the Texas county clerk’s office where they live. It can be difficult to amend information in a bankruptcy case, but it can be done.

Reasons for Changing Bankruptcy Forms

There are a couple of reasons for wanting to change a bankruptcy form after you have already filed Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It could be, that after reviewing your bankruptcy petition that you catch a material mistake, such as entering in the wrong creditor address or you made an incorrect calculation. Leaving out information about the accident is another reason to change a bankruptcy form. Leaving off a creditor or an asset such as a retirement account would be reasons to change your bankruptcy schedules after filing. Lastly, situations can change rapidly in modern day life, and this holds true for individuals filing bankruptcy. If you have lost your source of income or moved to another home since you filed bankruptcy paperwork, then it will need to be amended. These issues can be corrected and should be brought to your bankruptcy attorney’s attention as soon as notice the mistake.

How to Change or Amend Your Bankruptcy Petition

Because each state’s bankruptcy courts operate differently from each other, you’ll need to figure out the procedure in the district where you filed. This is one of the big advantages of hiring a bankruptcy attorney in your area, as they will have a firm understanding of the policies, procedures, and forms necessary to amend your bankruptcy forms. Changing the information on your bankruptcy form can be as easy as contacting your bankruptcy lawyer, and asking which forms to fill out and how to serve them. Your court clerk may also be able to assist you with locating the right forms. Once you locate the correct form and fill out the correct information, you need to file it with the court which may cost an additional fee. Finally, you need to serve the bankruptcy trustee with the update information along with any creditors who may have been affected.