Can I File For Bankruptcy More than Once?

: Reese Baker & Associates

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bankruptcySome people run into finance problems even after they have gone bankrupt. They then question whether they are allowed to file for bankruptcy a second time. What has to be realized is that there are time limits for bankruptcies, but these apply to bankruptcy discharges and not bankruptcy filings.

According to the law you can file for bankruptcy any time that you like following your previous bankruptcy, but there are regulations in place that if you file within a specific time that is too soon to your previous bankruptcy that you cannot receive another discharge.

If you are considering going bankrupt for a second time you should speak to a Houston bankruptcy attorney about this as to when would be the right time to file. It also depends on whether you are filing under the same Chapter for bankruptcy. For example, if you went through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy are you considering applying again for another Chapter 13? If this is the case then you would have to wait at least two years from the date that you filed your first Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

This can be quite complex and is not something that you want to do quickly or lightly on your own. If you filed a Chapter 7 the first time then you would have to wait eight years from the date that was filed in order to receive a another Chapter 7 discharge in your most recent bankruptcy. The order in which you have filed for your bankruptcy matters.