Chapter 7 Filing Fees

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bankruptcy feesIf you are seeking Chapter 7 Texas bankruptcy chances are you are suffering with a financial hardship. Many people assume that they can’t afford the bankruptcy process or a Texas bankruptcy lawyer, but it is more likely you can’t afford not to file. Besides, the costs aren’t what you would expect.

Service Fees

When you file your Chapter 7 petition you will be required to pay a $306 court fee. This fee is typically due upfront at the time of your filing. However, the court understands that not all debtors can afford to pay this fee at once. If you cannot afford the $306 fee at the time of your filing you can request an installment plan. In Texas, the installment plan requires half of the fee due at the time of filing the petition, and the other two installments no later than 120 after the filing. In extreme hardship the court may grant a full waiver of the fee, but a debtors income must be less than 150% of the official poverty line.

As for the fees for your Texas bankruptcy lawyer, those are specific to each case. Most lawyers charge fees based on the national average or based on the complexity of your case. However, filing for bankruptcy without the help of a lawyer is often a costly mistake. It isn’t uncommon for people seeking bankruptcy without the guidance of a lawyer to find themselves disqualified or end up having their cases dismissed. Ask your lawyer about their fees at your initial consultation.