Your Debtor Education Course In Bankruptcy

: Reese Baker & Associates

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debtor educationOne of the conditions of your Houston bankruptcy will be that you take a debtor education course. It has to be done through an organization that the Government has approved of. In addition to this, you must also complete a credit counseling course that is also government approved.

Differences Among States

These rules can vary in some States like Alabama and North Carolina. Here the U.S. Trustee program is not in effect. The Bankruptcy Administrators have to approve the credit counseling and debt education providers.

This debtor educator course has to be completed before your debts are discharged. Once you have taken this course you should be given a certificate that you have done so. This must then be filed with the bankruptcy court.

What you are expected to learn through this course is how to make and follow a budget. It should give you money management skills. Plus it will educate you on how to utilize credit properly.

The purpose of the course is to help you to not get into the same type of financial situation that may have led you to bankruptcy in the first place. Many times it is none of these issues that have caused an individual to go bankrupt but is often something that has happened like mounting medical bills. No matter what the reason for your situation you will still have to go through this course. It is not a lengthy one and is usually only a couple of hours. There is a fee for it, but you can ask to have this waived.