What Debts Are Not Resolved Through Bankruptcy?

: Reese Baker & Associates

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dismissed, debts, chapter 7, bankruptcy attorney houston texas, lawyer, bankruptcy fees, Texas, taxes, attorney,Most bankruptcy blogs will tell you very clearly exactly what debts are covered when you finally decide to seek protection through bankruptcy. Very few however will discuss exactly what debts may not be. Unfortunately, there are several types of debts that do not fall under the category that will be discharged even if your bankruptcy petition is successful.

Examples of some of these types of debts are of course child support. Most people are aware that child support is for obvious reasons not discharged during a bankruptcy. Most do not know that alimony is also a debt that will not be alleviated during bankruptcy either. Another debt that cannot be resolved through bankruptcy is any court order against you for damages from a case involving negligence on another person. So, if you were convicted of driving while impaired and the court ordered you to pay damages to someone you hit while driving drunk, you could not escape that debt by going bankrupt. Back taxes are another debt that may not be discharged, as well as student loans.

These last two have some caveats attached to them. The best thing for anyone who is unsure as to whether or not the type of debt that they have can be discharged or not is to contact a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Texas and get the advice you need before you begin your petition, this way you will know what to expect and will have no surprises waiting for you when the day arrives. Forewarned is forearmed.