Questions You Should Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

: Reese Baker & Associates

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ConsultOnce you decide that bankruptcy is the action you want to take to get yourself back on your financial feet, you need to seriously consider hiring a Houston bankruptcy attorney. There are several questions that you should ask this legal professional before making your final decision as to whether this is the one you want to hire.

Expert Opinion

You want to utilize a professional in this field that has a great deal of experience. Bankruptcy can be complex and you need to be able to depend on someone that has the expertise needed for your particular circumstances.

Another reason you want someone with experience is because the bankruptcy laws can tend to change, which they did back in 2005. A legal professional who stays on top of the changes as they take place will be far more effective in bringing your bankruptcy to a successful conclusion.

Something else that you want to consider is how much of the lawyer’s practice is devoted to bankruptcy? There are some firms that only specialize in this area of law, while others have a general practice. Ideally you want to deal with a law firm that makes bankruptcy law one of their major specialties.

Another important question is to their division of clientele. Meaning do they provide services mostly to creditors or to debtors? You will want to have services provided by a bankruptcy professional that caters to the debtors, as this is what your situation is. Finally you need to feel comfortable and confident with the bankruptcy attorney you are going to use.