Waiving Your Filing Fees in a Bankruptcy

: Reese Baker & Associates

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chapter 13It seems ironic that people who are going bankrupt under the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy that in order to do so have to come up with a fee to file for bankruptcy. If you have hired a Houston bankruptcy attorney he will explain to you that you may be able to file for a fee waiver. This means you will have to fill out and file an application along with your petition. Whether it is granted or not will depend on whether you qualify.

Filing Fees

Fee waivers do not apply to businesses. It is only applicable for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. You may be given the option to try and pay the fee in installments, which can be spread out over 120 days. Your circumstances will dictate whether it is possible to do this. Your combined family income will also be taken into consideration. It would have to be less than 150% of the official poverty line, in order to help you qualify for the fee waiver. The poverty line changes periodically so your legal professional will help you to determine if you meet the criteria in this area.

If it is determined that you can afford to pay the bankruptcy fee but not all once, then you will need to file an application for paying the fee in installments as mentioned.It may seem like a simple matter to apply for a waiver fee but as with many of the procedures that are needed in a bankruptcy it means providing a great deal of information.