What Kind of Forms Do I Have to Fill Out in a Bankruptcy?

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bankruptcy formsWhen it comes to filing for bankruptcy in the US it doesn’t matter whether it is a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there are many forms that must be filled out for the bankruptcy procedure. It is most important that you know which forms you must complete and how to complete them so that they are accurate and honest.

Details, Details

Errors that are made in these papers can be a detrimental to the success of your bankruptcy action. This is one of the reasons why you may want to use a Bryan/College Station bankruptcy attorney that is familiar with the bankruptcy forms and laws for the state in which you are filing your bankruptcy action.

In most cases you can get all of the forms that you are going to need from the bankruptcy courts. You may be able to get them online but it is important to know that there are no additional forms that you may need as well.

There are two categories of forms that you are going to need. The part one forms are the official forms, the instructions, and the committee notes. Some of these forms within this category you may not be required to fill out as it all depends on which bankruptcy chapter you are filing for.

The second category of forms is the procedural forms and instructions. These may include forms that you will need once you have done your initial bankruptcy filing, or they may contain forms that you may have to use for your creditors or forms that the court may use. Each state has their own specific laws that they follow for bankruptcy and the forms may vary according to these laws.