Money Saving Life Hacks

: Reese Baker & Associates

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savingLet’s face it, we can all do a better job at spending less and saving more. Sometimes all we need is a few unique ideas to boost our motivation to be better money managers. And saving can actually be fun, check out these money saving life hacks:

Use cash — Cash really is king when it comes to resisting temptation to buy something unnecessary.

Set up transfers — Schedule weekly transfers from your checking to savings to keep it off the back burner.

30 day list — Put an impulse buy on a list and reevaluate whether you really need or want it in 30 days.

Envelope system — Put cash for entertainment or unnecessary items in envelopes, once it’s goneĀ  its gone.

Cut cable — Most popular shows can be found through subscription services like Netflix or Hulu, why pay more for commercials?

Make your own soaps — Homemade soap and detergents can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Buy at the end — If you are buying a car, go at the end of the month when sellers are motivated to fill their quotas.