Savvy Summer Saving Tips

: Reese Baker & Associates

  Filed under: Money Management

vacationThe school year is almost over, which means families will be packing up and heading out for a vacation over the next few months. As things heat up this summer let us not forget to keep our spending cool for that vacation. Here are a few tips for keeping our budget under control and avoiding credit card debt:

Stay local — more families are taking staycations these days and finding fun activities locally. Look online or stop by the local visitor’s bureau for ideas of family fun that won’t cost you a night in a hotel or several tanks of gas.

Drive not fly — if you do decide to take a trip out of town consider driving or renting a car. The costs of airfare are outrageous compared to what you would spend in gas. Besides, long distance drives are part of the family vacation experience that make fun memories along the way to the destination.

Eat smart — the second largest expenses in most vacations is dining out. Instead of eating at restaurants for every meal, stop by the grocery store and pick up a few items that you can store in a cooler to make quick meals. Sandwiches can be easy to make and take along on your daily outing.

Shop less — kids are always wanting to buy souvenirs to remember their vacation by, but nearly all are overpriced. Limit the shopping budget and encourage kids to find something they can’t buy at the store, like a sea shell or rock.