Some Great Financial Apps to Help You Increase Financial Security

: Reese Baker & Associates

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The majority of people who end having to seek protection by filing for bankruptcy in Texas do so because they have found themselves in an ever increasing amount of debt that becomes unbearable. While this can be from spending more than one earns a great majority of bankruptcies are realized by people who have been the unfortunate recipient of a bad turn of events in their lives. From medical emergencies that leave one with a huge debt burden from the unexpected medical bills to the person who does everything right yet through no fault of their own loses their job.

Show Me the Money

Acorns.fTo achieve true financial freedom you have to use the tools available and the following apps can help you to both save for the future and any eventualities that it may hold or simply allow you to finally take that long awaited vacation when you can truly afford it. ACORNS is an app that allows the regular person to invest without the high risk or high commissions charged by brokers. It is essentially a “micro-investing” platform that lets you invest small sums of money that is then run by the app’s fund. To find the money needed for the investing you can use QAPITOL.


This app allows one to “round up” your transactions to the nearest dollar or simply take a $1.00 from your checking account every week to fund a long term goal that you have set. If you take the funds from the rounding up of the transactions and put it into your ACORN investing account you may well realize a substantial amount of money over the course of time with very little risk and little or no investing knowledge and without having to wait for a large amount of money to be used for that purpose.

Looking for Budgeting Apps?

Outside of the above mentioned Savings and Investing applications, there are also numerous amounts of budgeting apps out there that will keep you on track and help better manager your money. One app, called HomeBudget allows you to manual enter your weekly and monthly expenses and then sync them into the cloud in order to share budget updates among family members and keep track of your spending on the go.

Another app, and possible one of the most powerful out there right now is This awesome app allows you to connect your checking, savings, and investment accounts along with your credit cards and loans to get a thorough picture of your net worth. This powerful app allows you to view all your transactions via beautiful graphs. You can also set budgets based on spending categories, set financial goals, and even get advice on how to save money.

What is my Credit Score?

As you may know, you are entitled to a free credit report once per year. The problem? You don’t actually know your score, sometimes referred to as your FICO score. It’s this number which lenders typically use as the ultimate deciding factors on whether to approve a loan. The app CreditKarma give you not only your real time credit report on demand, you also have access to your TransUnion and Equifax credit scores. This is crucial for anyone wanting to know and/or improve their credit.

There are many other financial apps that can help you pay bills, invest, and track money. Use the technology available and life will become much easier in the long run. If you have found that you are experiencing financial problems then bankruptcy may be your best solution, and you should speak to a Houston Bankruptcy Attorney about this.