The Legal Fees Of Bankruptcy

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feeOne of the reasons that many people put off looking at bankruptcy as the option to giving them a fresh financial start is simply because they’re worried about the legal fees that are going to be incurred because of the bankruptcy.

Money Well Spent

The bankruptcy courts require a payment of $200 for those that are filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy but in some situations they will allow this fee to be waived. For those that are going to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy the cost is $185 and there is no provision for having this fee waived.

Individuals that have gotten into a financial situation that is really serious should speak to a Houston bankruptcy lawyer to see if going bankrupt would be their best option. At this time it can be determined if the fees for the bankruptcy courts can be waived and also they can be given a good indication as to what their attorney fees are going to be.

In many cases an experienced and well qualified bankruptcy attorney is able to develop a payment plan that can meet the client’s needs.These bankruptcy attorneys realize that their clients are in dire financial straits but every situation is different, and for this reason flat rates cannot often be given. However, choosing the right lawyer will also mean that you will receive fair legal charges with the terms that you are able to meet. Worrying about to the legal fees of a bankruptcy should not be the reason for preventing