Will Upcoming Election Affect Future Bankruptcies?

: Reese Baker & Associates

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vote, election, 2016 election, United States, bankrupt, bankruptcy attorney houston, texas bankruptcy lawyers, attorney, lawyer, attorneys, lawyers, College Station, Bryan, Houston, Texas, TX, lawyers in houston, bankruptcy attorney,While just about everyone these days has an opinion on who will probably win the coming Presidential election in November, there are just as many opinions on exactly what will happen when that comes to fruition. Some think things will get better economically if their candidate proves successful while others still firmly believe that the end will be near if they in fact get the nod.

One thing that is certain is that uncertainty reins. The wealthiest investors are hedging their bets no matter which way the pendulum ends up swinging. A recent report has shown that many investors are choosing to keep a very large portion of the portfolios away from the stock market and are keeping large cash reserves in case things take a decidedly ugly turn economically speaking.

The report states that of the 2200 high end investors that were polled, a full 84% believed that no matter who ends up winning that there will be a negative impact felt across the financial world and that at least 20-25% of their reserves are held in cash.

While the rest of us can only hope that this election will bring some serious change to a country that is struggling, the big guy investors are making sure that their “assets” are covered regardless of which way the wind ends up blowing. The little guy can only hold on and hope for the best.

If you are in serious financial difficulty, bankruptcy may be your best form of debt relief. Be sure to consult with a qualified Houston bankruptcy attorney about this.