Loan Modification Scams

: Reese Baker & Associates

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House foreclosure – problems paying you house mortgage? A large number of people are turning to “loan modification firms” to help them get a loan modification.

Not only are they using these newly founded firms and believing the “hype” but they are paying large sums of money to “loan modification” companies. Far too much money for what are largely unperformed or under performed services.

Protecting Consumers

We assist clients in getting loan modifications. Our fees may run approximately $500 to help a client get a loan modification. Most of our clients do the work to get their loan modification. And it works.

Companies that charge $1500, $2500, $4000 or more to help you get a loan modification are, in reality, “stealing” your money. They are running a “scam.”

The bankruptcy courts in Houston are making some of the bad companies give back money to clients. I sat in on a court hearing recently where the bankruptcy court was reviewing the services of a “loan modification” company. The particular “loan modification” company had not gotten a single loan modification completed-even thought the company had been paid large sums of money by many people.

Contrast that to our clients. We have many clients that have requested loan modifications and actually get the loan modifications approved and completed. Many clients-not just a few.

So the process works. It does not cost a lot of money. There are no “secrets” that loan modification companies have that mean they can be successful. In fact, I would bet that our clients get more loan modifications done than almost every “loan modification” company.

The Right Help

We do have an advantage over “loan modification” companies. In fact, we have several advantages. First, we are not at the end of a web address on the internet. We have been in business in Houston as a law firm for over 10 years assisting clients with debt relief and bankruptcy issues. We will be here next year. We have an excellent rating with the BBB.

Second, we can submit loan modification documents over the internet. As a result, the mortgage company cannot use the often repeated excuse that they did not get your documents.

Third, we have successfully completed many loan modifications with our clients.

Fourth, our fees are significantly less.

My most important comment to potential clients is to be careful. People are getting “scammed” far too much. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.