Lost Or Almost Lost Vehicles

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Is your vehicle collateral for a loan? Are you behind or concerned about being behind on a vehicle loan? Vehicle lenders are notorious for acting quickly and secretly. “ Here today, and gone today” could be a repossession agent’s motto.

Look at the article below as to what happened to individuals in Texas with vehicle loans during the first part of 2012. If you have a vehicle loan and are struggling or having problems, act quickly.

Even if your vehicle has been repossessed, we may be able to get it back. Bankruptcy allows you to get back your vehicle, reschedule the payments on the vehicle, and at times to reduce the amount you have to pay and even reduce the interest rate.

Yes, there can be good solutions in the middle of difficult struggles.

Payday lenders in Houston
Houston Chronicle Online
Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New consumer data shows that 17,000 Texans lost vehicles in the first six months of 2012 alone after falling behind on auto title loans.

Many more consumers fail to quickly repay so-called storefront lenders for high-cost loans and can end up paying fees that exceed the original amount borrowed.

In Texas, the fees for payday and auto title loans are largely unregulated and exceed those charged in other states, data collected by the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner shows.

Don’t let vehicle lenders take advantage of your vehicle. Find out what you can do and act. We can provide you with advice on the actions that you may consider and assist you to getting back your lost (or almost lost) vehicle.