Texas Bankruptcy Court Denies Celebrity Case

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courtFor years the Texas bankruptcy court has ruled on the case and appeals of decisions related to the Anna Nicole Smith case.  Last week, the local and U.S. Supreme Court came together for, what is hoped to be, the last appeal of the case regarding Smith’s late husband J. Howard Marshall.

High Profile Case

Anna Nicole Smith is known for her modeling career for a men’ s magazine and, more recently, for her unorthodox marriage to a Texas man some 60 years her senior. Smith was only 26 when she married 89 year old J. Howard Marshall, a self-made billionaire in the Texas oil industry. After only one year of marriage before Marshall’s passing Smith fought hard in court to overturn Marshall’s will, which left her with nothing. J. Howard Marshall left his $1.6 billion estate to his son Pierce Marshall, leaving Smith empty handed. Claiming Marshall had promised her $300 million in cash upon his passing, Smith filed a claim in court citing Marshall wasn’t  mentally fit at the time of his will.

Anna Nicole Smith the next decade fighting for her stake in their 14-month marriage, all of which have been struck down in court. Even after Smith’s passing in 2007, her estate continues to file appeals to continue the battle. However, last week U.S. District court Judge David O. Carter denied a request from Smith’s estate to sanction the estate of Marshall’s son citing, “Time spent litigating the relationship between Vickie Lynn and J. Howard has extended for nearly five times the length of their relationship and nearly twenty times the length of their marriage. It is neither reasonable nor practical to go forward.”