Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waiver

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You are going to find that when you file for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy that there are going to be some fees involved. These are often distressing for many individuals that are going bankrupt because they are so tight financially to begin with.

There are some options when paying the filing fees such as being able to pay the filing fees by installments. This is a new order that came into effect in 2013. In order to take advantage of this you would have to file a signed application along with the petition that outlines that you are not able to pay the filing fees, in full, all at once. If approved, it will allow you to pay your fee by installments. You will have to put 50% of the filing fee down at the time that you start your petition and then the balance will be paid in agreed-upon installments. An Houston, TX based attorney can walk you through this process and ensure all criteria are met.

When you pay your fees it must be done by cash making sure you have the exact amount, or by money order or cashier’s check. If it turns out that you cannot afford these fees at all even by installments then you can apply for a waiver, where you have to fill out a special form which is an application for waiver of Chapter 7 filing fees. You will also have to have an order granting application for this waiver.

While your finances are the big issue at the moment, don’t let filing and legal fees stand in your way. You can discuss these initial issues with a bankruptcy attorney for free, who can walk you through the best options for your unique situation.

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