Filing For Bankruptcy Without An Attorney

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attorney, bankruptcy, texas, houston, chapter, Many individuals in financial distress come to the conclusion that they need to file for bankruptcy. They will often consider attempting to do their bankruptcy action on their own without the help of professional services. Some of the reasons for wanting to do this are because they feel they can’t afford the bankruptcy filing fees or the legal fees.

While it is not impossible to do your bankruptcy yourself it comes with a great many challenges that can be overwhelming and most frustrating. It has to be remembered that if your bankruptcy is not done correctly then you run the risk of it failing and not being able to be brought to a successful conclusion.
There are many steps that you will have to go through in order to prepare and carry your bankruptcy action out. Missing any of these steps will only delay the process or cause you to start over completely.

You are going to discover that there are some requirements that you have to meet for your bankruptcy. One of these is required credit counseling, then you are also going to find that there are many forms that have to be filled out and you still have the filing fees to deal with.

Your better option is to seek out a qualified bankruptcy attorney who is willing to set up payment plans for you and also to determine if based on your situation the court bankruptcy fee may be waived.

Before making any decision to do this on your own at least have a first consultation with one of these professionals so you know what you’re up against. Before even filing for bankruptcy it has to be determined which bankruptcy chapter is going to be the one that you are eligible for.

Bankruptcy is not something you want to learn about by “trial and error”. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to find out all your options.